Consultation Information

Into Blue Consultation Fees

Children, Adolescents, Adults
$140 per 1 hour session
$140 per 1 hour parent interview session
$195 per 1.5 hour session

Clinical Supervision
$140 per 1 hour session for individuals
Skype, Zoom or face-to-face


A Typical Psychotherapy Session

Consent Forms
At the commencement of the session we complete the consent forms and discuss anything that arises in the process, which could relate to your physical, mental or emotional state.

Getting it Right
I ask in fact, ENCOURAGE you to speak up if there is anything that you don't feel comfortable with or you want to change, such as music, room temperature and in particular methods used. Some clients are concerned about 'getting it right' but we work together to find ways that are most suitable to your personal learning and communication style. There are many methods used in Expressive Therapies and not all will suit you. 

A Natural Process
A basic premise of Expressive Therapies, is that emotional trauma is healed in much the same way the body repairs a physical injury - in a natural and instinctual manner, given the right conditions. Safety and mutual trust are essential in this approach. We discuss your main concerns and I will explain the different 'doorways', methods or modalities we can work with. Together we are guided by your feelings and responses through the doorway/s most suited to you.

Doorways to Inner Guidance

  • Sharing your Story
  • The Physical Body - sensations / pain
  • Emotions - identifying, feeling and expressing
  • Symbols
  • Sandplay
  • Drawing
  • Visualisation
  • Memories / Dreams / Images
  • Movement

It is my sincere intention to treat you with respect, kindness and without judgement, upholding the ethical guidelines of my associations.


Forms & documents

Consent Form for Adults

Consent Form for Children

Sandplay Information for Parents

Consultation Information for Parents


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