Into Blue Certificate Courses

Certificate in Sandplay Therapy & Symbol Work

Into Blue Studio, Phillip Island Victoria

Sandplay Therapy has an international history spanning eighty years in Western psychotherapeutic processes. As developed by Dora Kalff, Sandplay is a Jungian-oriented form of psychotherapy that supports a natural human capacity for healing, growth and transformation.

The Expressive Therapies [ET] approach to Sandplay has a distinctly Australian influence. Over the last 30 years the ET style of Sandplay Therapy has been taught continuously around Australia and overseas. ET Sandplay is underpinned by transpersonal psychotherapy and attachment theory, in addition to current research in neuroscience.

Sandplay involves the use of sand and symbols - objects from nature, figurines and ornaments - as a powerful means of non-verbal communication. Symbols are arranged in the sand and in doing so provide visual representation and externalization of emotions, relationships, issues or material from the unconscious. Significant emphasis is placed upon safety, self-discovery, somatic awareness and emotional processes.

The course provides a thorough training, with extensive practical experience, skill development, and supervision. Symbol work, developed by Pearson and Wilson 1994 is a potent addition to sandplay therapy, extending the application of symbols beyond the sandtray to include role-play and drawing.

Sandplay Therapy is a highly individual, profoundly powerful, safe and effective method for working with clients of all ages, including traumatised clients. It allows deeper aspects of the psyche to be worked with naturally and in safety. Using Sandplay bypasses left mode thinking / reasoning to connect with right mode / body where trauma is implicitly stored as imagery, sensations, smell, sound and posture. This reconnection allows integration and healing by way of engagement with the body, with symbols and with sand.

With hope at its centre, sandplay is an effective, outstanding therapeutic modality that has a natural fit with transpersonal perspectives in addition to personal growth that connects an individual to their own innate resources.

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Course Requirements

4 x 3 day workshops, plus 1 optional extra 3 day workshop
Delivered over 6 months


3 x short written assignments
An electronic Book of Readings, illustrated case studies and an extensive workbook will be provided at each workshop.


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