What is Supervision?

Supervision is: A formal arrangement for counsellors to discuss their work regularly with someone who is experienced in counselling and supervision.

Jo Ablett and Cheryl Taylor have a solid foundation of supervisory training and experience gained over more than a decade of practice as Supervisors. They are committed to supporting other Counsellors and Therapists in their journeys as Supervisors and to providing a safe space for Supervisors, Team Leaders, and those in supervisory roles, to reflect on and deepen their work.

Who is Supervision for?

For counselling and psychotherapy supervisors, team leaders, managers, agencies AND supervisees.


Workshops for 2017/18 include:

» Compassion & Self Compassion In Supervision:
October 2017, Gardenvale, Melbourne
» Developing your Personal Style as a Supervisor:
» Reflective Practice for Supervisors:


supervision for supervisors workshop

Compassion & Self Compassion in Supervision

"Compassion and self-compassion lie at the very heart of well-being. For those in the helping professions, and for psychotherapists in particular, the expression of compassion and self-compassion is likely a critical constituent of being effective therapist." (Davidson, 2016)

What are the implications for supervisors, their supervisees Exploring self-compassion for supervisors – is there a place for compassion within supervisory roles and responsibilities?