What is Supervision?

Supervision is: A formal arrangement for counsellors to discuss their work regularly with someone who is experienced in counselling and supervision.

Jo Ablett and Cheryl Taylor have a solid foundation of supervisory training and experience gained over more than a decade of practice as Supervisors. They are committed to supporting other Counsellors and Therapists in their journeys as Supervisors and to providing a safe space for Supervisors, Team Leaders, and those in supervisory roles, to reflect on and deepen their work.

Who is Supervision for?

For counselling and psychotherapy supervisors, team leaders, managers, agencies AND supervisees.


Supervision for Supervisors Workshops for 2018 include:

» Courageous & Compassionate Conversations
April 2018, Gardenvale, Melbourne
»The Supervisory Relationship
June 2018, Gardenvale, Melbourne
» Supervising Teams & Groups
August 2018, Gardenvale, Melbourne
» Creative Supervision
November 2018, Gardenvale, Melbourne


Courageous & Compassionate Conversations

There are times when, as supervisors, we need to engage in conversations that require more than a bit of courage.

We have all encountered times when we identify the need to discuss something difficult with a supervisee, or provide feedback we know will be difficult to hear. Not only do we need courage for these conversations, but in order for the conversation to be truly helpful, we need compassion - for ourselves and for our supervisees.


The Supervisory Relationship: Maintaining a Healthy Fit

Getting the 'right fit' between supervisee and supervisor is as important as finding the right fit between therapist and client.

As with therapy, the relationship is paramount and requires our ongoing and careful attention.



Supervising Teams & Groups: The Joys & Challenges

This workshop will explore the dynamics and process of groups and teams, as well as different approaches to facilitating group supervision. 

Participants will have opportunity to identify approaches that best meet the needs of different groups, according to their level of development.


Creative Supervision: Opening up Unconcious Communication

Creative Supervision employs metaphor, images, symbols and drawing for exploring client material and opening unconscious communication in the relationships between clients, practitioners and supervisors.