Into Blue Workshops

One Day Workshops

Workshops for 2018 include:

» NEW! Working within the Window of Tolerance:
March 2018, Phillip Island
» NEW! Energy, Vitality & The Human Body:
June 2018, Phillip Island
» Understanding Intuitition:
September 2018, Melbourne
» NEW! Refresh & Reset
November 2018, Phillip Island


supervision for supervisors workshop

Energy, Vitality & The Human Body

An experiential one-day workshop for personal exploration and self-care which aims to revitalize your own energy and enhance understanding of energy. The workshop is for anyone who is interested.

Drawing from the work of leaders in the human energy field, meditation and neuroscience, this workshop will explore aspects of the human energy system. There will be time for discussion, observation and practice as we explore the theory and research, and how to integrate it into our daily lives. Participants will engage in reflective activities, experiential activities, observation, discussion and learning about the human energy field.



The Body Knows: Working within the Window of Tolerance

For psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers, counsellors, youth workers, health professionals.

The Window of Tolerance is a term coined by Dr. Dan Siegel (2011) to describe the optimal conditions for effective living and for working with trauma. In this one-day workshop, participants will gain an understanding of the window of tolerance and implications for working with traumatized clients.



Understanding Intuition - One Day Workshop

The information for health, growth, healing and navigating life, is stored within the very cells and energy of our own bodies, accessed with a simple breath that begins the connection to a vast source of wisdom.  

The program will provide opportunities to explore and experience intuition through enhancing awareness. Intuition will be defined in the historical and current context.



Refresh & Reset

A chance to reconnect with your Self, to refresh and update Expressive Therapies & Sandplay skills.

All modalities will be explored including: Movement, Drawing, Symbol Work, Sandplay, Music, Drumming and Meditation.