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New to Into Blue: Therapy Online

online therapy
From April 2020 INTO BLUE will be offering Online
Psychotherapy sessions VIA Zoom or Skype.

Expressive Therapies Online
Expressive Therapies involve the body and emotions, symbolic expression and mindfulness in the therapeutic process. My role is to support and companion you, not to advise and direct. Our bodies hold the information for healing and growth but stress and anxiety can block the natural process. Techniques to reduce stress and anxiety, to calm us down can make a significant difference to our wellbeing, immune system and perception, helping us to regain a sense of hope and strength.

Before Commencing
We will have a phone call or online meeting, free of charge, to determine if we are a match for working together and if Expressive Therapies modalities are safe and suitable for you. Further information about the modalities can be found on the Expressive Therapies page.

Working remotely requires some preparation by you:

  • Completion of the Adult Consent Form
  • A private and safe space free of distraction
  • Zoom or Skype downloaded and installed on your computer or device. I will provide a Zoom link or my Skype name once we are ready to proceed
  • Drawing materials and paper to record your observations - no drawing skills required

The session is one hour in length and costs $140. If you are experiencing financial difficulties due to the current situation, please contact Jo and we can negotiate the cost.

Jo Ablett

jo ablettPsychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, Trainer

"My practice is founded on a life long passion to set the scene for children, teenagers and adults to tap into their potential; take charge of their lives and establish belief in themselves. Through my work with young people and adults I am constantly reminded of the innate ability that everyone has for healing, personal growth and resolving difficulties to achieve positive changes in behaviour and general wellbeing"


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